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Intelligent Vehicles Localization Based on Semantic Map Representation from 3D Point Clouds
ZHU Yuntao, LI Fei, HU Zhaozheng, WU Huawei
Abstract(7018) PDF(6184)
Companion Relationship Discovering Algorithm for Passengers in the Cruise Based on UWB Positioning
YAN Sixun, WU Bing, SHANG Lei, LYU Jieyin, WANG Yang
Abstract(6466) PDF(2679)
Indoor Sign-based Visual Localization Method
HUANG Gang, CAI Hao, DENG Chao, HE Zhi, XU Ningbo
Abstract(7903) PDF(1280)
A Cooperative Map Matching Algorithm Applied in Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Positioning
CHEN Wei, DU Luyao, KONG Haiyang, FU Shuaizhi, ZHENG Hongjiang
Abstract(8098) PDF(1073)
Data Association Method Based on Descriptor Assisted Optical flow Tracking Matching
XIA Huajia, ZHANG Hongping, CHEN Dezhong, LI Tuan
Abstract(3444) PDF(1007)
A Review on Road Driving Safety Based on Driving Simulation Technologies
ZHANG Chi, WEI Dongdong, LAN Fu'an, BAI Hao, HUANG Jun
2022, 40(4): 1-12. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.001
Abstract(1386) HTML(436) PDF(791)
A Review on Research Status and Trends of Eco-driving on Intelligent Connected Vehicles
CHEN Zhijun, ZHANG Jingming, XIONG Shengguang, SU Zipeng, HU Junnan, WU Chaozhong
2022, 40(4): 13-25. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.002
Abstract(1455) HTML(596) PDF(781)
A Review on Railway Traffic Safety Under Harsh Environments
LI Decang, CHEN Xiaoqiang, MENG Jianjun, XU Ruxun, QI Wenzhe, ZHANG Zijian
2022, 40(4): 26-37. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.003
Abstract(1182) HTML(478) PDF(707)
An Overview of Traffic Management in "Automatic+Manual" Driving Environment
PEI Yulong, CHI Baiqiang, LYU Jingliang, YUE Zhikun
2021, 39(5): 1-11. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.05.001
Abstract(4837) HTML(1563) PDF(693)
Real-time Forecast Models for Traffic Accidents on Expressways Using Stability Coefficients of Traffic Flow
LIU Xingliang, SHAN Jue, LIU Tangzhi, RAO Chang, LIU Tong
2022, 40(4): 71-81. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.008
Abstract(1138) HTML(382) PDF(689)
An Analysis of Occupant Death Risk of 5-Seater Cars in Two-vehicle Collisions
ZHAN Junjun, YUN Meiping, ZHANG Wei, DONG Yijia
2022, 40(4): 46-53. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.005
Abstract(846) HTML(417) PDF(657)
Optimization of the Transportation Network of Hazardous Materials Considering Bounded Rationality and Equity
ZHANG Honggang, WANG Wei, PAN Minrong, LIU Zhiyuan
2022, 40(4): 38-45. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.004
Abstract(1006) HTML(380) PDF(655)
A Collision Risk Model for Small UAVs Based on Velocity Random Distribution in Low-altitude Airspace
2022, 40(4): 64-70. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.007
Abstract(872) HTML(298) PDF(653)
Capacity of Mountainous Roads with Ice and Snow Pavement During Beijing Winter Olympics Based on a Safe Speed Model
GUO Yaming, LI Meng, LI Yunxuan, YAN Huimin, WANG Xiaoyan
2022, 40(4): 54-63. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2022.04.006
Abstract(918) HTML(362) PDF(646)
A Method for Estimating Dynamic Collision Risk of Vessels Considering Spatial-temporal Adjacency
LIU Zhao, CHEN Yang, ZHANG Mingyang
2021, 39(6): 11-18. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.06.002
Abstract(1249) HTML(668) PDF(618)
A Decision-support System for Automated Collision Avoidance of Ships with Variable Speed Based on Simulation of Maneuvering Process
HUANG Liwen, LI Haoyu, LIANG Yu, ZHAO Xingya, HE Yixiong
2021, 39(6): 1-10. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.06.001
Abstract(3171) HTML(799) PDF(563)
A Study of the Effectiveness of Epidemic Prevention Policies on Public Transit Usage Based on the Theory of Planned Behaviors
ZHANG Xinming, GONG Di, XIE Binglei, MA Hang
2021, 39(6): 117-125. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.06.014
Abstract(856) HTML(427) PDF(489)
A Method Based on Point Fusion Procedure for Scheduling Arrival Flights on Multiple Runways
WANG Ning, ZHAI Wenpeng
2021, 39(6): 108-116. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.06.013
Abstract(586) HTML(265) PDF(438)
An Evaluation Study of Network Optimization through Connecting Dead-end-roads
HE Weitao, WANG Yandong, GONG Yanpeng, ZHAO Jian
2021, 39(6): 100-107. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.06.012
Abstract(765) HTML(412) PDF(436)
An Image Generation Method for Automated Driving Based on Improved GAN
SUN Xiongfeng, HUANG Zhen, CHEN Zhijun, LUO Peng
2021, 39(5): 50-58,75. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.05.007
Abstract(4016) HTML(559) PDF(326)
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