Volume 39 Issue 5
Nov.  2021
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PEI Yulong, CHI Baiqiang, LYU Jingliang, YUE Zhikun. An Overview of Traffic Management in "Automatic+Manual" Driving Environment[J]. Journal of Transport Information and Safety, 2021, 39(5): 1-11. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.05.001
Citation: PEI Yulong, CHI Baiqiang, LYU Jingliang, YUE Zhikun. An Overview of Traffic Management in "Automatic+Manual" Driving Environment[J]. Journal of Transport Information and Safety, 2021, 39(5): 1-11. doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.05.001

An Overview of Traffic Management in "Automatic+Manual" Driving Environment

doi: 10.3963/j.jssn.1674-4861.2021.05.001
  • Received Date: 2021-05-23
  • Based on the development status of "automatic driving vehicle", the problems existing in mixed driving environment of autopilot cars are analyzed to understand the current situations and development trends of traffic management in the mixed driving environment. In terms of the Citespace bibliometric tool, the CNKI core database in the past 24 years(1997—2020)is taken as the data source. The bibliometric and visual analysis are performed from publication year, journal source, research institution, and keywords, and network maps of relationships between research institutions and keyword co-occurrence is generated. The results show that the number of automatic driving documents has been increasing in China in recent 5 years. The journal with the most of related papers is China Journal of Highway and Transport. Its research directions of the automatic driving vehicles include: ①Research on target detection and scene perception. ②Research on decision making and control. ③Research on responsibility delineation of traffic accidents. In the future, for mixed driving environment, traffic management should combine vehicle-road coordination and high-precision map technology, study from the design of signs and markings, signal timing optimization, ownership of road rights, and the delineation of traffic accident responsibilities, thus making road transportation safe, efficient and convenient.


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