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CHEN Wei, DU Luyao, KONG Haiyang, FU Shuaizhi, ZHENG Hongjiang. A Cooperative Map Matching Algorithm Applied in Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Positioning[J]. Journal of Transport Information and Safety.
Citation: CHEN Wei, DU Luyao, KONG Haiyang, FU Shuaizhi, ZHENG Hongjiang. A Cooperative Map Matching Algorithm Applied in Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Positioning[J]. Journal of Transport Information and Safety.

A Cooperative Map Matching Algorithm Applied in Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Positioning

  • Available Online: 2021-12-14
  • In order to achieve low-cost and high-precision vehicle positioning in the intelligent and connected environment,a cooperative map matching algorithm based on adaptive genetic Rao-Blackwellized particle filter is studied in this paper,improving the accuracy of vehicle positioning by using the real-time location data and road constraints of other connected vehicles. The adaptive genetic algorithm is introduced into the re-sampling process of the particle filter to increase the diversity of particles,so as to solve the problems of "particle degradation" and "particle exhaustion" that are prone to appear in traditional particle filter algorithms. Model of the algorithm is established and simulated. The positioning results under the traditional particle filter and Kalman smooth particle filter are compared,and the influence of the number of different connected vehicles on the positioning accuracy is analyzed. The experiment is completed in real-world and the performance of the algorithm is verified. The experimental results show that taking a typical intersection with four connected vehicles as an example,the range of position error of cooperative map matching is 1.67 m. It is only 41.03% and 56.80% of the traditional GNSS and the single map matching positioning results. At the same time,the circular error probable(CEP) of this algorithm is 1.06 m, which is 2.52 m higher than raw GNSS positioning result.


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