Driving Behavior and Traffic Safety in an Intelligent Connected Environment

With the continuous improvement of transportation infrastructure and intelligent connected vehicle, road traffic systems are showing new trends and characteristics. Different from the traditional road traffic environment, the perception, cognition, and decision-making behaviors of drivers under the intelligent and connected environment (vehicle telematics, cooperative vehicle infrastructure system, autonomous driving) fundamentally change; the gradual penetration of intelligent connected vehicles also makes the traffic operation characteristics more complicated. Facing the changes of intelligent and connected transportation systems, it is an urgently needs to research the following issues in this field: analyzing characteristics of driving behavior under the background of intelligent connected information interaction, exploring the characteristics of traffic flow and the risk evolution under intelligent connected conditions, and exploring driving behavior intervention measures and risk control method in the intelligent connected environment.

In order to better promote research on intelligent and connected transport system and traffic safety in China, to present the latest theoretical research results and practical application experience in this field, "Journal of Transport Information and Safety" organizes " Driving Behavior and Traffic Safety in an Intelligent Connected Environment" column. Professor Guangquan Lu from Beihang University and other professors are invited to be the guest editor. The column plans are as follows.

Guest Editors of Column

Guangquan Lu, Professor, Beihang University

Xiaohua Zhao, Professor, Beijing University of Technology

Jin Xu, Professor, Chongqing Jiaotong University

Nengchao Lyu, Professor, Wuhan University of Technology

Rongjie Yu, Professor, Tongji University

Column topics (not limited to the following fields)

● Modeling and calibration of micro-driving behavior in an intelligent connected environment
● Driving behavior characteristics for intelligent connected transportation systems
● Traffic flow modeling and state extraction in an intelligent connected environment
● Traffic risk identification under intelligent connected transportation systems
● Vehicle-infrastructure cooperative control modeling in an intelligent connected environment
● Test and evaluation of intelligent connected transport system