HD Map Generation, Localization, and Navigation for Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Intelligent Connected Vehicles have huge potential for promoting the current social and economic development. HD map generation, localization, and navigation are the key technologies of intelligent connected vehicles. It is an essential part of intelligent connected vehicles for intelligent perception of traffic environments and the information basis of vehicle decision-making, path planning, and vehicle control. In the 2020 annual meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology, the high-precision intelligent navigation of autonomous vehicles without satellite signals is listed as one of the top ten engineering and technical problems. In order to better promote research on HD map generation, localization, and navigation for intelligent connected vehicles in China, to present the latest theoretical research results and practical application experience in this field, "Journal of Transport Information and Safety" organizes "HD Map Generation, Localization, and Navigation for Intelligent Connected Vehicles" column. Professor Zhaozheng Hu from Wuhan University of Technology, Professor Bijun Li from Wuhan University, Professor Ming Yang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Doctor Yicheng Li from Jiangsu University are invited to be the guest editors. The column plans are as follows.

Guest Editors of Column

Zhaozheng Hu, Professor, Wuhan University of Technology

Bijun Li, Professor, Wuhan University

Ming Yang, Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Yicheng Li, Doctor, Jiangsu University

Column topics (not limited to the following fields)

● Satellite (Beidou, GPS) and INS integrated positioning for intelligent connected vehicles
● Simultaneous localization and mapping for intelligent connected vehicles
● High-precision map generation and map-based localization of intelligent connected vehicle
● Vehicle-road-cloud" cooperative high-precision localization of intelligent connected vehicles
● Autonomous path planning and navigation of intelligent connected vehicles