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XIA Huajia, ZHANG Hongping, CHEN Dezhong, LI Tuan. Data Association Method Based on Descriptor Assisted Optical flow Tracking Matching[J]. Journal of Transport Information and Safety.
Citation: XIA Huajia, ZHANG Hongping, CHEN Dezhong, LI Tuan. Data Association Method Based on Descriptor Assisted Optical flow Tracking Matching[J]. Journal of Transport Information and Safety.

Data Association Method Based on Descriptor Assisted Optical flow Tracking Matching

  • Received Date: 2021-11-06
    Available Online: 2021-12-14
  • in the view of the problem that the positioning accuracy of visual inertial odometer using multi-state constrained Kalman filter(MSCKF) is easily affected by the abnormal value of feature point matching, a data association method based on descriptor assisted optical flow tracking matching is proposed. This method uses pyramid LK optical flow to track and match the feature points in the sequence image, then calculates the rbrief descriptor of each pair of matching points, judges the similarity of the descriptor according to the Hamming distance,and eliminates the abnormal matching points. In the experiment, the effectiveness of the proposed method is evaluated from two aspects:the subjective effect of feature point matching and positioning accuracy. The results show that the proposed method can effectively filter the abnormal values of image feature matching in dynamic scene. The image processed by this method is used for msckf motion solution,and the drift rate of position result is less than 0.38%, compared with the result of msckf algorithm without eliminating abnormal matching values,The improvement is 54.7%, and the single frame image processing time is about 39 ms.


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